AC/DC Tribute Band #168


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AC/DC tribute band offers the most complete and authentic reproduction of AC/DC's sound and stage performance in the world. AC/DC tribute band live show is the most accurate duplication of the original band that AC/DC fans worldwide have come to love.

Established in the year 2000 and hailing from the New York metro area, AC/DC tribute band has performed for audiences on FIVE continents around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The band has performed for audiences across the United States, Canada, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Venezuela, Peru, Honduras and many other regions.

Lead singer Francis Crouse brings to you an unmatchable emulation of Brian Johnson himself, portraying AC/DC's frontman of the last 40 years with a powerful delivery of voice and stage presence like no one else! The trio of Bill's: Rhythm guitarist Bill Voccia, bass guitarist Bill Bowden and drummer Billy Rauff hold down the rhythm section, the driving force behind the AC/DC juggernaut of sheer rock 'n roll power and wall of sound. Last but not least, the Ultimate ANGUS YOUNG clone in North America rounds out the band to deliver to you the most unforgettable and undeniably most authentic AC/DC experience on the planet.

AC/DC tribute band emulates the pure essence, power, and electricity of what an AC/DC show is all about and has proven to audiences time and time again that you can't stop rock 'n roll. High Voltage rock 'n roll at its best.

AC/DC tribute band performs the best of AC/DC from the early roots of the bands Australian club circuit days, to the superstar worldwide status of their present hits. Complete with a full stage performance, just as if Angus Young and the boys were rocking before your very eyes. The closest you're gonna get to the real thing™...let us electrify an audience near you!

There are well over 100 AC/DC Tribute bands from around the world, and many of them claim to be “The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute band”, however only one band can actually back up this statement and prove it. AC/DC tribute band, from the New York metro area is comprised of five veteran professional musicians, most who were from the very first original AC/DC Tribute bands to ever be formed in the world. AC/DC tribute band consists of the very finest AC/DC member clones/impersonators to form the most accurate AC/DC live show you will ever see, next to the real thing.

AC/DC tribute band can give you the biggest hits: "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Highway To Hell", "Back In Black", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "T.N.T.", "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Thunderstruck", "Hells Bells" and more, to the other big fan favorites such as "Shoot To Thrill", "Have A Drink On Me", "Sin City", "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be", "Jailbreak", "Shot Down In Flames" and many, many more. Our repertoire is continually growing, now over 80+ songs strong, and we're adding new songs to our set lists as often as we can.
The band is available for bookings worldwide, and accept booking inquiries for any type of events ranging from Clubs and concert halls to festivals and rallies to casinos and cruises to private parties and corporate events.

There's no denying that everyone likes AC/DC in some way, and AC/DC tribute band are here to deliver you the power, energy, image, and sound that you would expect at an actual AC/DC concert. If you want ‘the closest you’re gonna get to the real thing’, then AC/DC tribute band –The world’s definitive AC/DC Tribute band is the band for you. Our goal is to spread the music of AC/DC, who we consider to be The Greatest rock n roll band of all time, bar none, and we are here to prove that FACT!. If you don’t own every AC/DC album after we’re finished playing, we intend that you will soon after!

AC/DC tribute band - The ULTIMATE AC/DC Experience is your #1 choice for Festivals, Bike Rallies, Theaters, Night Clubs, Corporate Events, Casinos, Private Events, and any other event that requires the definitive AC/DC Tribute Show. Look no further, AC/DC tribute band has delivered the most accurate representation of an AC/DC concert experience to audiences nationwide, and across 5 CONTINENTS around the world since their inception in 2000.

The band is available for bookings WORLDWIDE, and has become the most established and recognized AC/DC tribute show in the world...Let us electrify an audience near you!