David Bowie tribute act (Denmark) #228


  • Great David Bowie tribute act
  • Only 100% best hits
  • Original live sound from Denmark


Bowie fills the room - if you close your eyes, he's there himself!
the BOWIE tribute is Denmark's - and perhaps Europe's - best bid for a tribute band that pays tribute to the legend David Bowie and his music. When the band turns on the engine and starts the freight train, it's like hearing the master himself: Authentic, genuine, and highly addictive - Bowie is in the room!
Shoulder to shoulder, the audience stands in front of the stage. The sound of a freight train fills the room, and Danish the BOWIE tribute takes the stage to the tunes of Station to Station: "The return of The Thin White Duke - throwing darts in lovers eyes" cuts through the air. The band's heavy beat and lead singer Michael Saxe's vocals keep the audience in an iron grip. Bowie fills the room - if you close your eyes, he's there himself.

Real enthusiasm
With charismatic and well-singing Michael Saxe in front of a dedicated and well-playing band, the Danish tribute band the BOWIE tribute takes the stage with magical, powerful and evocative versions of Bowie's legendary songs. True enthusiasm and love for David Bowie's musical universe permeates the music as the band pays tribute to Bowie's musical heritage.
The set list includes tracks from Bowi's entire career: From monumental Station to Station, space adventure Starman, acid Scary Monsters, mega-hits like the love anthems Heroes and Under Pressure, and up to Bowie's own requiem Lazarus from his latest album Black Star. Not to forget Let’s Dance, China Girl, Ziggy Stardust, Changes and Life on Mars. Or what about Ashes to Ashes and Station to Station?

Magic music
“David Bowie's music means a lot to us in the band. Bowie pushed the boundaries, he always took new paths, and he was in constant motion as an artist - he never repeated himself. What other artist can you say that about? ”, Lead singer Michael Bjørn asks rhetorically and continues:
“It is an honor to be allowed to play and explore all corners of Bowie's huge production. We work thoroughly in the BOWIE tribute with the mood and details of the music - of course with humility and respect for the spirit of Bowie's musical universe. We are really looking forward to every single concert! To meet our audience, our fans, to play Bowie's magic music! ”