Beyonce Tribute Act #304


  • Amazing Beyonce tribute
  • 100% tribute show experience
  • Only greatest hits and perfect vibe

This Beyounce Tribute act performs has superb tribute to Beyonce Knowles formally of Destiny’s Child in every part of the UK and abroad.

Impersonator is an excellent dancer and singer and when the show is booked with her excellent dance troupe it takes the performance into another dimension. Slick choreography and jaw dropping routines will please the the Beyonce fans and sceptical onlookers alike. Impersonator can’t help but captivate, a natural singer and dancer, she leaves the competition behind. This Beyonce show is suitable for all ages, any typeof function and all venues where you want to sing, dance and be entertained.

The show is available Solo or with 2 Excellent Dancers.

All the songs and all the moves, this show will leave have your audience dancing all night long. Impersonator has perform her Beyonce tribute show all over the world! The music of the Queen Bee is timeless. Impersonator has performed in Stadiums, Festivals, Cruise ships and countless holiday centres in the UK and abroad. She has performed in front of thousands but still likes to perform in smaller venues where she can feel the love.

This show can be performed in its own right or part of a double tribute show where Impersonator will perform a second spot as Rihanna!

The show is available Solo or with 2 Excellent Dancers.