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Amy Winehouse Tribute Act #186

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  • An amazing Amy Winehouse experience
  • Incredible Amy Winehouse look alike
  • Great show experience!

We are so excited to introduce to you the world's most accurate Amy Winehouse Tribute Artist. Launched in 2016 on Instagram, Amy Winehouse tribute act has since became a massive hit with Winehouse fans around the world!

A 60-90 minute, heartwarming, fun, world-class tribute to a legend lost too soon.

*Amy Winehouse tribute act is the only Amy Winehouse tribute act in America endorsed by Mitch Winehouse.

Features: 9 piece band. Full Winehouse wardrobe. Jewish Cockney accent. This is performance art not just a concert.

N HINDSIGHT I see now that It all really started back in 2007...I just didn't realize it. It seemed like everywhere I went people were reminded of Amy Winehouse when they saw me. I was singing rock/soul not jazz/hip hop, but would get off stage and hear “you remind me of Amy Winehouse”. I even dressed up as her for a celebrity musician themed party because my sister new how to draw some of her tattoos. I sang her song You Know I'm No Good on American Idol. All this was when Amy was alive. I had no idea what was about to unfold.

After Amy Winehouse's passing on July 23rd 2011, the energy and theme of Amy in my life intensified. I’d walk into a store and hear her songs, my phone would start playing her music randomly and complete strangers kept coming up to me in bars, grocery stores or at the mall saying I reminded them of Amy. Now let me make something very clear, I believe her vocals and song writing skills make me look like an amateur and no one can convince me otherwise, but it finally hit me! I needed to explore why Amy was showing up in my life so loudly. After looking into her life story a bit more I found some interesting similarities....

•Both 5’2 and 100lbs
•Married in 2007
•Virgos born in September
•Had 2 major record deals
•Her first album was Frank and my stage name was Frankie both after Frank Sinatra
•Amy’s goddaughter is Dionne, my husband’s name is Dion
•Both born with the first name Amy

After spending countless hours studying her life and music I was hooked. I already loved her music, but had no idea just how bad ass she was as a human. One night I had this overwhelming inspiration and feeling to post on Instagram paying tribute to her and her music. I had no intention of going much further. The response was incredible! A few weeks later the Amy Winehouse tribute act tribute project was born. I went on to develop a full on live tribute show to Amy and finally stopped ignoring the signs. Since making this decision the response and support from not only Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse, but the fans and fellow musicians around the world has been overwhelming and humbling.

I’m so deeply grateful to have the honor of doing this tribute to Amy. She is a legend. She was a light and a gift to the world. She's given me an outlet to do what I love most which is perform and sing for people.

Although I’m raising children, growing my marriage and working on my own music project, I will continue to share the Amy Winehouse tribute act project with the world. My mission is to continue perfecting the show in order to create the world's most authentic and powerful Amy Winehouse tribute show. I will continue to share this journey via live shows and social media content. I will never do anything to disrespect or reflect poorly on Amy’s legacy. It’s non negotiable! I’ll treat Amy's music with the upmost reverence, class and tact.

‍I hope she would be proud.
I hope her family is proud.
I hope the fans are proud.

‍With love, humility and gratitude.

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