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1. Guests' interests - choose a tribute band that plays music that will be enjoyable and familiar to your guests. Consider the age groups and preferences of the audience.

2. Budget - assess your financial capabilities and choose a tribute band whose price for services aligns with your expectations.

3. Professionalism and reputation - research reviews and ratings of the chosen tribute bands, make sure of their professionalism and level of musical performance.

4. Availability of necessary technical equipment - ensure that the tribute band has the necessary equipment to perform at the venue provided to you.

5. Repertoire - clarify with the tribute band the list of songs they perform. Make sure it includes songs that will be interesting to your guests.

6. Performance experience at similar events - find out what experience the chosen tribute band has in performing at various events and celebrations.

7. Flexibility in planning - discuss with the tribute band the possibility of adapting the program to your preferences and the specifics of the event.

8. Contract and performance conditions - clarify all details of the contract, including pricing, performance time, responsibilities of both parties, as well as conditions for cancellation or changes to the agreement.

9. Technical requirements - discuss with the tribute group the necessary sound and lighting equipment for the performance and clarify whether they will provide it themselves or if external suppliers need to be found.

10. Preliminary meetings and rehearsals - discuss the possibility of holding preliminary meetings and rehearsals before the event to confirm all details and ensure a high-quality performance.