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When you are making plans for an artist commission, one of the most important items is the fee. The event organizer pays a certain amount of money to the performing professional for his services. Many factors influence the pricing policy of artists. Let's look at the most important of them.
What determines the prices for the services of guest stars?

Seeing the requested amount, many customers ask where it came from. You should immediately be prepared for the fact that the artist's fee will not be small. At the same time, if you see a price tag lower than expected, you should not assume that you are not receiving any services. Each artist has their own approach to pricing. However, if it is difficult to evaluate such things as dedication and creativity, we can consider other factors that are easier to count.

1.Format of the event

The format of the event is one of the main factors affecting the size of the fee. Depending on what kind of performance you need depends on the amount you pay.

• Private parties
• Corporate events
• Charity meetings
• Advertising and political speeches
• Custom evenings
• Planned performances
• etc.

Depending on the format of the event, a venue is selected for it, and a time frame is also formed. Different performances require different levels of preparation and amount of rehearsal.

2. Location of the event

The location of the event plays a very important role. How long does it take for an artist to get to the venue? Where will the star have to go at that moment? Even if you are organizing a party in Moscow, where the artist resides, it is not a fact that the day before the party he will be in the capital, and not at events in other cities. Also, the cost is affected by the average prices for the performance of stars in the region where the event takes place. This takes into account even the average income of the inhabitants of the settlement.

3. Star popularity

Everything is simple here. The more popular the artist, the higher his fee will be. It is also worth taking into account the number of speakers in the group (dance group, musicians). The more of them, the higher the pay.

4. Dates of the event

Demand for artist services often depends on dates, seasons, and holidays. For example, on a weekday, the cost of a performance will be lower than on a weekend. And on a regular weekend - lower than on New Year's Day or City Day.

5. Time to prepare

The less time you give the artist to prepare for the event, the higher the price he will charge. Therefore, it is always worth ordering the services of an artist in advance. The earlier the better.

6. Company - customer

It is also worth remembering that the name and specifics of the customer's company may affect the fee. The more famous and larger the company, as well as the more income it has, the higher the fee of the performing artist will be.

7. Number of guests

The size of the audience, the presence of professional musicians and the number of guests affect the amount of the fee. Also, the cost of the performance may depend on the mentality of the viewer. So don't be surprised when the artist's representative asks what kind of guests are expected at the performance.